Our Products

All of Dai Khmer’s organic beauty and wellness products are handcrafted with love in the heart of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Explore our range of eco-friendly soaps, oils, creams and much more.


The variety of raw ingredients used to create our range of organic soaps include: aloe vera, cinnamon, turmeric, coconut, charcoal, coffee, delicate herbs and honey.

Grown in our garden and developed in our rustic workshop in Cambodia, these soaps are rich with natural nutrients that are kind to the planet and do wonders for your skin health – especially if you suffer from acne, rosacea or oily skin.


Dai Khmer is especially proud to present a growing range of organic handmade creams. Currently, the list includes aloe vera cream, turmeric cream and plai cream.

These ingredients are ideal for people with sensitive skin. Their naturally soothing qualities and antioxidant content provide the perfect solution for those with regular dry skin issues.


All of our oils are purpose made with hydration in mind. We’re on your side! We want your skin looking smooth and fresh. Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and protect your skin with a healthy boost of hydration and antioxidants.

All of our oils are easily absorbed, soothing for irritated skin and have a fantastic scent. We don’t use any synthetic pesticides or toxins so you can use our oils in confidence.

And Much More

Our product range continues to extend as we discover new techniques in our workshop and grow more organic produce.

Additional products we make include:

  • Lip balm
  • Coconut shell charcoal toothpaste powder
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Body lotions
  • Charcoal mask
  • Rice scrub

For all orders inside Cambodia, please contact us via facebook.

International distribution is coming soon.

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