So, you’ve decided that you would like to lead a more responsible lifestyle… We appreciate you! With every person who decides to make little changes to lower their footprint, the world becomes a cleaner, healthier place of natural balance. That’s the vision!

Here are three quick and easy tips for reducing plastic consumption in your daily lifestyle.

Tip #1: Think Ahead

Make a habit of using refillable flasks and containers instead of always going for plastic bottles and plastic carrier bags. If you know you’re are going to be thirsty, why not develop a routine of filling up your flask and taking it out with you.

Tip #2: Shop Smart

Make a habit of using shopping bags that are designed for long term use. Imagine all the plastic waste you could avoid if you took your own bag to the supermarket every time you shopped. In just six months, you will have effortlessly lowered your footprint by a tremendous amount!

Tip #3: Refill

Do a Google search for your nearest “refill store”. A refill store is exactly what it sounds like – a place where you can take your empty container and instead of throwing it away and buying a new one from the supermarket, you can refill it.


Living a zero-waste lifestyle can definitely be a challenge in the modern world. Never fear! There is no need to dive into the deep-end right away.

Just living more consciously in your everyday life is a more measured approach and makes a huge difference if you keep it up. Pay no attention to the people who say “just one person making a change is not going to make a difference…” It really is true that every little helps.

Any change you manage to make will be a meaningful one – especially when you do this around younger people as they’re more likely to copy what you do 🙂

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