As we begin to live more consciously, the question arises: “how can we bring other people along for the ride?”

Maybe you have experienced this dilemma yourself – you discover something new that you’re passionate about but when you tell your friends and colleagues, they may not see the point.

Here is a quote that we really like at Dai Khmer:

 “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahutma Gandi

There is a lot of truth to this quote.

Of course, it is true that we cannot force people against their will to change any aspect of their lives. Unwelcomed advice can even result in increased resistance to the positivity you are trying to share. This can be tough, but here’s what we’ve found from our own experience.

The best way to influence others in the direction of sustainable living and making more conscious purchase decisions is to focus on being an inspiration and avoid making people feel guilty.

Instead of always warning people about the negatives, we can be more enthusiastic about the positives.

Wait for them to notice your newfound eco-conscious lifestyle and they’ll come to you asking more questions! It will happen! What’s more? They’ll be 10 times more receptive to what you have to say.

Most of all, if you have a positive attitude to eco-friendliness, others will want to follow you because who doesn’t like to be happy and feel good about themselves, right?

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